International Projects:

2017-2019 PI, DLR TanDEM Science Service System Project, “Quality assessment of Tandem-X DEM over urbanized and agricultural terrain of Turkey using multi-source SAR data.  ID: DEM_CALVAL1821

2016-2019  PI, JAXA project (ID: 3210), Earth surface deformation monitoring using L-band Interferometric SAR data.

2016-2018 PI, SI Imaging Services, Republic of Korea, Monitoring multi-temporal soil moisture exploiting X-band data.

2013-2015 PI, DLR project (LAN1708) Deformation monitoring in mega city Istanbul with TerraSAR-X using InSAR time series analyses.

2011-2016 PI ESA Category-1 (10050) Sinkhole subsidence monitoring in Konya basin with Interferometric SAR time series analysis.

2011-2016 CO-PI ESA Category-1 (6543) Monitoring subsidence using PSInSAR: A case study for Zonguldak mining area.

National Projects:

2017-2018 Consultant, AYDES UZAL Project of  TUBITAK BILGEM and Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) (Project No: B740-100289).

2018-2021 Co-PI, TUBITAK (The Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Turkey) (ID: 118Y191), Determination of the crustal rigidity variations through geodetic measurements. (Jeodezik Ölçülerle Yerkabuğu Rijidite Değişimlerinin Belirlenmesi)

2017-2020 Co-PI, Yildiz Tech. Uni. Scientific Research Project (FBA-2017-3062), Investigation of polarimetric decomposition methods for crop pattern identification.

2015-2018 PI, Bulent Ecevit University Scientific Research Project, Evaluation of georeferencing accuracy of TerraSAR-X images with orbit data.

2015-2017 Co-PI, Bulent Ecevit University Scientific Research Project, Retrieval of soil moisture using radar satellite data.

2014-2018 Co-PI, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock Project, Determination and monitoring of spatial and temporal changes of soil moisture and roughness using microwave satellite images.

2008-2012 Co-PI, Yildiz Technical University Research Project, Subsidence monitoring using PSInSAR technique: Case of Zonguldak mining region.

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