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Science Citation Index Expanded Journals

  1. A. Sekertekin, S. Abdikan, M.A. Marangoz, 2018.The acquisition of impervious surface area from LANDSAT 8 satellite sensor data using urban indices: a comparative analysisEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment190 (7), 190-381.
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  3. F. Balik Sanli, S. Abdikan, M.T. Esetlili, F. Sunar, 2017. Evaluation of image fusion methods using PALSAR, RADARSAT-1 and SPOT images for land use/cover classification, Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, 45(4), 591-601.  
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  8. S. Abdikan, M. Arikan, F. Balik Sanli, Z. Cakir, 2014. Monitoring of coal mining subsidence in peri-urban area of Zonguldak city (NW Turkey) with persistent scatterer interferometry using ALOS-PALSAR, Environmental Earth Sciences, 71 (9), 4081-4089.
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International Journals

  1. A. Sekertekin, S. Abdikan, M.A. Marangoz, 2018. Soil Moisture Mapping Using Sentinel-1A Synthetic Aperture Radar Data. International J.of Environment and Geoinformatics, 5(2), 178-188.

National Journals

  1. S. Abdikan, 2017. RASAT verisi kullanarak farklı pan-keskinleştirme yöntemlerinin istatistiksel analizi”, Türk Coğrafya Dergisi, 68, 57-62.
  2.  S. Abdikan, M. Arikan, F.B. Şanli, Z. Çakir, H. Kemaldere, 2013. Zonguldak maden alanlarında meydana gelen yer yüzeyi hareketlerinin insar zaman serileri ile belirlenmesi, Harita Dergisi 149, 1-6.

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