GeoEtrimAbout: GeoEtrim is the acronym of Geospatial Evaluation and Training of Images, derived in Matlab environment as a computation and visualisation package.

Prof. Ian Dowman (UCL, one of former ISPRS president)  says in GIM International July 2010 issue: ... There’s a danger that people, institutions and organizations are using data without understanding how they were acquired, or explaining wrongly… …And I tend to think that, at least from a UK perspective, more young people are going to university, but not choosing the difficult studies involving mathematics and science.

So GeoEtrim has been started to be developed by such a motivation.


GeoSpot is for high-accurate 3D georeferencing of linear array stereo-images via sensor-dependent orientation model. The existing version of Geospot is available for reaching sub-pixel accuracy at ground control points (GCPs) and ~1 pixel at independent check points (ICPs) updating (i.e. compensating or adjusting) the interior and exterior orientation parameters using GCPs for SPOT-5 HRG level 1A images. One of the originality of GeoSpot is its ability to estimate the cross-correlation between interior and exterior orientation parameters.

GeoTrans can estimate 2D georeferencing accuracy using sensor independent models (2D or 3D affine, polynomial models, affine projection, projective and DLT) and sensor dependent or independent RFM (Rational Function Model).

GeoIP is the image processing packages especially used during the education activities. Some parts are written by the author without using Matlab functions.

Geo3o1 is developed for the three stereo images for the similar aims of GeoSpot. This package is currently under development.

Presentations: Watch the presentation in Youtube for the paper GeoEtrim, SharpQ and Epix: Trio of Tools for Geospatial Image Analysis by Hüseyin Topan, Mustafa Özendi, Ali Cam and Murat Oruç.

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